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Hello and welcome to the Crystal Auras Blog. This is a space where we’ll be sharing education on everything to do with crystals, ethics, spirituality and well being.

Crystal Auras believes in making the world a better place that’s why we pride ourselves in our ethical sourcing and business practises. We strive to make a difference and positively affect the crystal industry and the people in it. We are passionate about providing education and making crystals accessible for all. We believe in the power of crystal healing and manifesting a more magical life.


Our Story

Crystal Auras was first officially launched in May, 2020 by Nyree Brough founder and owner. Prior to that Nyree spent two years researching the crystal market and prospective suppliers. She worked with museums and geologists to find well-researched suppliers to ensure ethical practice and that every individual in the supply chain is paid fairly, and looked after. We work with professionals in the industry and global organisations actively working towards regulation in the crystal market and making a positive impact in the industry

Nyree was drawn to crystals during her own personal healing journey, using them to support during her breast cancer recovery. Since then she has immersed herself into learning, healing and energetic modalities. She is a certified Reiki Master, holds a certification in Crystal Healing & Chakra Balancing and holds a pendulum course certification and is currently working on completing her advanced Crystal Healing & Chakra Balancing Certification.


Crystal Auras’ values are based on spirituality, love & light. We believe in Authenticity, Education, Ethics, Spirituality & Transparency and influencing a better crystal market.

We’re excited to create this hub, where we’ll be sharing knowledge and education on everything crystals and well being. Comment below if you’re excited to share this journey with us.

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