Crystals for Aries Season 

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and brings in the sta rt of the astrological new year and the spring equinox. It brings with it a feeling of fresh optimism and a new emboldened energy.

During Aries Season draw upon the richness of all the energetic & emotional influences and properties connected to the Sun being in this sign to help you achieve your goals during this month

Dates : March 21st – 19th April

Position : First Sign of the Zodiac

Symbol : Ram

Element : Fire

Planet : Mars

Affirmation : I act with Boldness & Passion

This Fire element sign brings passion, creativity and action to the forefront of their plans, often acting instinctively and facing challenges head on.

The Ram is said to represent courage, determination and strength. The ram finds creative ways to push through to achieve its goals.

Mars is the planet of Energy, Action & Desire. Mars promotes raw feelings and direct action driven from assertiveness. Brings adventurous energy and is known to connect to our primal instincts, sensuality and desires.

People born under the sign of Aries are known to be Active, Adventurous, Assertive, Direct, Impulsive, Determined, Passionate, Sensual, Optimism, Energetic, Dynamic, Strength, Confidant, Courageous.

Everyone can benefit from the energies of Aries season, these attributes will be amplified for anyone with Aries in their astrological birth chart, but you don’t have to be an Aries to join in with connecting to this seasons energetic influences.

How to work with Aries Season energies 

Aries Season is a great time to decide what it is you want and actively take steps towards your goals. There are many methods you can use to discover your goals and dreams for your life. You could start by mind mapping, journaling, setting intentions, visualising, creating vision boards, free writing etc, anything that helps your thoughts and ideas to flow freely. 

You can work with crystals to help harness certain energies or help your mind get into a state of flow. Place the crystal beside you as you work, perhaps connecting to the crystal before you start and perhaps setting an intention with a specific crystal to help you to achieve whatever it is you want. 

There are specific crystals that are directly associated with Aries, these crystals work to support and enhance the energies and qualities of Aries. If you are an Aries Carnelian, Bloodstone, Red Jasper, Citrine, Amethyst and Aquamarine will help enhance the more positive aspects of the sign whilst supporting challenges that Aries may encounter with the more negative side of their traits.

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Connects to the passion & drive of Aries, Carnelian is a stone that helps to transform dreams into reality with its fiery energy. Encourages confidence in oneself and boosts creative drive and determination to make things happen.


Works with courageous Aries energy whilst grounding and cleansing. Related to the blood of the body, brings vitality, cleansing and life force properties. Enhances determination and inner strength.


March Birthstone, helps to calm and instill a sense of flow. These soothing energies, aids communication and speaking your truth with confidence and kindness. It helps to soften more direct and assertive energies.


Connects to Aries drive for success, enhances abundance. Being a Solar Plexus Chakra crystal, Citrine helps to bring a sense of optimism and confidence and aids in figuring out your true goals and life path.

Red Jasper 

Planetary stone helping to direct positive energy and creativity. Red Jasper is also a calming, nurturing stone that helps you find your strength and courage to define and enforce personal boundaries.


Dispells anger & soothes emotions, helps to promote balance. Amethyst us known as the Crystal of Power and has extremely powerful energies of healing, cleansing and helps to support breaking cycles. 

As with all crystals work with those you are drawn to as they will bring energies that you are most needing or that you most need to work with. Listen to your intuition as it will always guide you.

A great way to connect to crystal energy throughout the day is to carry a crystal in your pocket or by wearing crystal jewellery. Crystal Auras bracelets are popular with our community to help bring uplifting vibrations and support throughout the day. 

Depending on which crystal you choose you can receive grounding and calming energies or uplifting and motivating energies. They can also act as a reminder of your goals and aid manifestation if you set an intention into them.

Crystal Bracelets for Aries season. Here are some crystal bracelets that connect to Aries and work well with their energy, element and planetary influence.

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Crystals for Aries Season  5

This is a great time to think about how the energies of Aries season can help you in your life.

What is one quality from Aries season you’d like to call upon to help you, leave a comment below.

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